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1983 : First step for establishing a 6-unit Hemodialysis Pavilion as Yeşilyurt Lions Club Association Artificial Kidney Unit is taken. After contacting Weinheim Lions Club, Timur Erk gets 5 donated machines wh,ch are used but revised. SSK imports these machines exempt of customs, and so the project comes true.
1984 : With the help of Yeşilyurt Sports Club, the capacity of SSK İstanbul Hospital which had Artificial Kidney Unit with 12 machines, is expanded, and Minister of Labour and Social Security Mustafa Kalemli participated in the opening ceremony.
30 May 1985 : Establishment of Turkish Kidney Foundation by founder president Timur Erk and mostly from Yeşilyurt Lions Club members.
1985 : First social event for association’s benefit. Campaign of Vecihi İbak which is called “Light A Match” at Hilton. With the support of Naci Ekşi, Mayor of Bakırköy, the council decided to rent a 2050 m2 plot of land for 49 years at a symbolical price, where Ahmet Ermiş Hospital stands at the moment.
17 January 1989 : Turkish Kidney Foundation Ahmet Ermiş Dialysis Center, the institution which was built and named after Ahmet Ermiş, has been opened by the prime minister of the time Turgut Özal. First Consultant was Nefrolog Dr.Abdullah Özgözükara.
1993 : With the request of Ülkü Eşkinat, who is the president of Tekirdağ Marmara Lions Club, branch for Tekirdağ Foundation has been opened. Tekirdağ Governor Şenol Engin promised to assign a building land. After that, 9 acres of a building land was assigned.
1993 : The capacity of 70 machines and hemodialysis performance for 200 patients a day has been reached.
20 February 1997 : Tekirdağ Hacı Hüseyin Terzi Dialysis Center has started giving services with the support of Raif Terzi, who is a businessman from Tekirdağ, and his brothers.
7 January 1998 : Avcılar Dialysis Center has been opened due to the partnership with the firm Fresenius. Turkey’s president of the time Süleyman Demirel has opened the facility. Kidney Foundation Fresenius Health and Medical Services Ltd. Co. was established.
1999 : Dialysis centers in Antalya, Ankara and Adana was bought in the name of this partner firm.
30 October 2000 : Hizmet Hospital containing 100 beds started giving services. Due to the academic cooperation agreement made with İstanbul University Rectorship, about 30 doctors from İstanbul and Cerrahpaşa Medicine Faculty has started to give services, in addition to the hospital’s staff. After a year of work; ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Certificate was taken for Hizmet Hospital, Ahmet Ermiş and Tekirdağ Hacı Hüseyin Terzi Dialysis Centers.
2001-2002 : Fresenius partnership ended at its 4th year due to the economical crisis and SSK’s works about reducing the profit margin.
27 September 2004 : With the support of Kenan Tunalı, Malkara Kenan-Kadriye Tunalı Dialysis Center has started giving services with 10 units.
2005 : Angioplasti Machine, which was need for kidney transplantation, has been bought. Heart Surgery and Angioplasti Laboratory was established. İstanbul Special Hizmet Hospital has become a full-organized hospital after KVC; KVC Intansive Care, Coronary Intansive Care, Internal Diseases Intansive Care and New born Intansive Care services were added.
2006 : Service network has been expanded for the new established units, after completing agreements with Government Social Security Institutions.
06 June 2006 : A present building has been bought to establish a Medical Center in Ataköy.
 2006 : Çerkezköy Kapaklı Dialysis Center has been opened.
February 2008 : The first kidney transplantation has been done.


2010    : Partnership and management agreement with Memorial Health Investments Group has started.

            President of Turkish Kidney Foundation was elected as president-elect of IFKF-International Federation of Kidney Foundations.

2011    : Timur Erk, the President of Turkish Kidney Foundation became Chairman of IFKF for a-2,5 year time period.

2013    : Protocole for kidney health education project for children was signed between Ministry of Education and Turkish Kidney Foundation with the aim to reduce salt an sugar intake.

2015    : Enlargement investment for Kapaklı Dialysis Center was concluded with the financial support of LCIF (Lions Clubs İnternational Foundation) and other donators.

2016    : Kidney health and chronic kidney disease training project for general practitioners in Tekirdağ province was held with the participation of academicians from nephrology, cardiology and endocrinology branches of Istanbul Medical School of Istanbul University for the first time in Turkey, with the contributions of Thrace Development Agency.

2017    : A kindergarten was opened for children who were orphaned after a coal mine disaster in Soma/Manisa province in Agean region.