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Early Diagnosis and Protection Methods for Chronical Kidney Disease:
Basic Information


Early diagnosis for chronical kidney disease will decrease the risk of complication in the future. The level of consciousness about kidney diseases, has an enormously rising potential for preventing problems all around the world such as number of deaths and non-contagious diseases (especially cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and chronicle kidney diseases).
The main information below has been prepared for giving information to doctors, first-level medical service providers and bureaucrats, and for educating high-risky patients, individuals and society.
What is a Chronicle Kidney Disease?

How often can a Chronicle Kidney Disease be seen?

Causes of Chronicle Kidney Disease:

How can a Chronicle Kidney Disease be realized?

What are the results for undiagnosed Chronicle Kidney Disease?

What is the social cost and results of becoming widespread Chronicle Kidney Disease?

What can be done to discover, prevent and post pone Chronicle Kidney and cardiovascular diseases?

Preventing and postponing

Medical Treatment