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Since the day our foundation was established, we measured a long way and developed a lot in this 22 years. We reached all our targets goals that are written in the legal certification including "starting the kidney transplantation actually". We achieved the success line altogether. We are proud of this. When we first wrote down our goals to the legal certification, it seemed to be utopian but reaching our goals in 22 years relatively makes us really happy... But; even if we are at the highest level of health sector and also we win prizes, is this enough? The answer is definitely no! That's why, as the board of directors; after 22 years of our establishment we decided to re-define our mission and determine the 5 to 10 years of our vision in such an atmosphere where the world is globalizing, our country Türkiye is experiencing a change and the share is never enough. After a workshop, as the board of directors and high-level professional staff, we decided to diversify and expand our services. We need to work more and produce much more services to our people who need help, because the 7% of the budget share is separated for health and it is never enough at all. At these circumstances, we can not just sit and say that "what we did in the last 22 years is enough". That's why 4 years ago we signed a scientific collaboration contract with İstanbul University and we are practicing it successfully. More than 200 lecturer are supporting us and will keep on supporting. By this way quality of services will increase. In this frame, we'll lean on our country's health problems and supply more services extensively.

Another nice process is that we give services to more than 700 dialysis patient at 4 Dialysis Center (TBV Ahmet Ermiş Dialysis Center, TBV Hacı Hüseyin Terzi Dialysis Center, TBV Kadriye-Kenan Tunalı Dialysis Center and TBV Kapaklı-Çerkezköy Dialysis Center). AHMET ERMİŞ Dialysis Center, located in Merter/İstanbul is giving service to 400 patients and with its 85 dialysis machines continues to be world's second biggest center. Our services will extend to the top with the kidney transfers that has just started.

I would like to thank all the people who helped me to maintain this success line in the past 22 years and members of board of directors who worked or who are still working with me at various board of directors; high-level directors, all the donators from the youngest to the oldest, our media, our trustees, all local directors who supported us, high-level bureaucrats and civilian chiefs, political authority members. Also I wish that this support goes on with our further works.

President of Board of Trustees
and Board of Directors
January 2008